We Think HR Needs to Change. Do You?

We're Exploring Rebooting HR in the Following Ways:

Podcasts and Blog


We love to learn about and share best practices in the way of Rebooting HR.  Find podcasts here that can help inspire you in your journey.

Check out podcasts here!

You can also find our blog posts on our website, and shared on our LinkedIn page.



Every Friday (with a few surprises in between), we release the #HRRebootedMinute, where we talk about a relevant, current issue in business and HR.  These video talks are about one minute long and can be found on LinkedIn, and here. 

Coffee Talks


 Doing things differently, means thinking differently. Our goal is to help you think beyond your current programs to drive real change in your organization.  We meet with business thought leaders in a video format to bring you some fresh ideas!   We love coffee, so a lot of our talks will happen over coffee! We are passionate about all things HR but we have a special focus on:

  • Innovation
  • Technology
  • Women supporting Women
  • Diversity